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7 Don Q Single Barrel 2007 Rum is one of the most significant and remarkable cocktail ingredients.The best Rums in the world are appreciated as fine spirits, especially if these products are added with sugar, what makes of them quite luxury goods. Camper English | at low levels, many of these sugars contribute color, often extraordinary color which generates extraordinary aromas when we consider that aromas are in part illusion generated by recollections, in this case primed by color. 5 The Real McCoy 5 Year Old And keep in mind that's the quantity for a full liter of rum, not 750 ml bottle. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Less common are rums made with the juice of pressed sugar cane, which typically come from French-speaking Caribbean countries such as Martinique, Guadeloupe and, increasingly, Haiti. You were correct that the Zacapa 23 has reduced added sugar from 45 g/ltr to 20. Add half a lime wedge, 10 fresh mint leaves, and club soda. 100% rum with no added sugar, color, or flavoring. 40% ABV. 7 10 Cane January 07, 2014 at 01:27 PM. E.S.A. 8 Don Q Single Barrel 2005 5 Mount Gay Black Barrel I do suspect that some budget spirits are over colored to become the equivalent of "grape-drink". 7 Ron Medellin 8 Check my list below to see where your favorites fit in. January 07, 2014 in rum, sweeteners | Permalink I don't argue your point about you finding them boring on the whole as that is definitely a personal perception and preference. 8 Kirk & Sweeney 23 About the Prichard's, I did obtain a bottle recently and I think it is less interesting than I use to believe. In other words, do not treat those lists as absolute truth. Founded in 1745, Appleton Estate is the oldest sugar estate and longest running distiller in Jamaica. It is rare enough to be mentionned. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. It's a funny thing about rum: It all is distilled from a fermented sugar cane derivative (fresh cane juice, molasses, or something in between), but sugar doesn't pass through the distillation process, so some producers add sugar back into the distilled rum to sweeten it up. It's time to give my list of bone dry rums ranked in order with my rating shown to the left. and the sugar content is listed for some individual products. Posted by: it is the best depiction of calvados, cognac and armagnac I've ever seen and I remember it spends time explaining the allowed additives to each, circa 1976. January 07, 2014 at 12:37 PM, The sugar content is mentioned on every product page on Swedish monopoly website, Posted by: Camper English | The liver does not metabolize rum or other types of alcohol into sugar. For example, the driest soda I can think of is Q Tonic's grapefruit, orange, and lemon sodas. 7 The Real McCoy 12 Year Old Rums from Foursquare have little to no added sugar and you can tell this by the taste. That's about 23-30 grams, or about 100-120 calories' worth of sugar, in an entire bottle. Light rums, produced more often in countries with Spanish influence, are intended to … Posted by: this can then help us find the starting alcohol content if we want which here is no big deal but is really useful when you scale the density/volume idea to understanding/reverse engineering liqueurs. Also note that most of my initial ratings often evolve as the bottle slowly disappears over time. This is something I can understand. Camper's book about the history of the Gin & Tonic! You will need to look hard for this one and will want to move quickly once you find it; when it was released in May, a mere 180 bottles were made available. Notice that my top ranked dry rum happens to be from Plantation as well as being an overproof. They have a range called Green Label Rum, which includes rums from Barbados, Guatemala, Brazil, Guyana, Jamaican, Panama and more and they are available at a range of ages., Posted by: I therefore see my pursuit of RL Seale rums monopolized by Total Wine as being totally pointless. How Much Alcohol Do Bitters Contribute to a Non-Alcoholic Drink. January 07, 2014 at 10:46 AM. Here are four ways to enjoy rum cocktails with less sugar or no sugar at all: #1: Take the Sugar Out of Classic Cocktails. They are aged in France. 7 Appleton Reserve Blend Posted by: TFG | Sean McKee | or maybe because they don't have significant acidity they need the sucrose to enliven them so they don't seem "flabby". It’s the same blend of rum with different amounts of added sugar. Where I live it is illegal to even ship alcohol to my door. Skip. 7 Flor de Cana 7 one of the greatest books on spirits is by Hurst Hannum & Robert Blumberg: The Swedish government's site is: (thanks Magnus!) 5 Plantation Xaymaca Email address will not be displayed with the comment.). February 11, 2014 at 11:17 AM. Perhaps the easiest among them is the Mojito. It's aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon barrels (three of those in the U.K.) and bottled at a cask strength of close to 64 percent ABV. But in rum, we see many so-called "super premium" rums with a lot of sugar - and yes, I would say 45 g / litre is *A LOT*, as it really makes it taste excessively sweet (try Zacapa, Zaya, Diplomatico 12, Angostura Cask no 1, Pyrat, etc etc). 30 grams of water is 30 mL but 30 grams of sugar is 18.9 mL. January 08, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Posted by: They also have a bitchin' logo. Rum is an expression of the quality of ingredients and the care taken to produce it, I am certainly on the fence as to adding sugar, I can see the value in disclosing it but I'll certainly still be drinking a glass of El Dorado 12 later. **Note - You should verify the content against the originals. No color or sugar is added to this rum, which is distilled at the Foursquare distillery. One reportedly comes from the Finnish government and another from the Swedish government. Holmes Cay imports some truly excellent single cask rums, including this Barbados 2005 bottling. Posted by: In water, it was certainly noticeably sweet, but not soda-sweet. The rum then was aged for 15 years in the U.K. in ex-rum casks, with no sugar, color or flavors added to the rum and bottled at cask strength (a whopping 56.4% ABV). Note that nowhere does the list make the claim that sugar was added post-production, and therefore the rum could as easily have been constructed that way. My scale isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but here's how 20 grams came out: Which comes out to a heaping half ounce, or probably a little under 3/4 ounces. Furthermore, I do not know if the rums we get in the US are the same as in other countries, even if the labels match. Artificial essences for taste, glycerine for soft mouthfeel, sweet wine (PX sherry) for taste...Quite a lot of additives. | 7 Flor de Cana 12 I'm just happy we have so many great rums to choose from these days. NAB | This search takes into account your taste preferences. On Facebook yesterday a producer was complaining about sugar being added to rums but was okay with coloring being added. Posted by: Posted by: 7 Foursquare Zinfandel Cask That's an impressive list. I have seen measurements that shows 3-4g/L in rums that have no sugar added. However, those casks of sherry, port, and madeira can be quite expensive. This blend of Guatemalan rums from 6 years to 25 years old is made with virgin sugar cane honey (instead of molasses, like most rums) to impart a smoother texture. By now. Have a good day! No Sugar Rum Drinks Recipes 110,151 Recipes. Barbados lays most of the claims to having no added sugar, but only wound up with less than 30% in this list. January 08, 2014 at 10:00 AM. they were both so far ahead of their time. January 07, 2014 at 01:31 PM, Posted by: stephen | So I wanted to know how much sugar is 20 grams and how sweet that makes a liter of liquid taste. I personally think that Flor de Cana is a grossly underrated brand. Pina Colada Pork. I had to order it in a small independent rhum shop. No added coloring. Posted by: Hi Mika - can you tell me what other additives are added to rum besides sugar, and what their purpose it? they were motivated to write it because they saw the spirits world changing and the rise of the marketing company. From my list of these dozen, I seriously doubt that any could move into my top ten percent. Josh Miller | Try one of these classic cocktails: Mojito: Made with light rum and 2 tablespoons of white sugar. Please try again. I think the sugar issue is a sensory science issue and no one knows enough about the subject. Within the range of Alta Gama Rum Series No. Dark Rum Light Rum White Rum Spiced Rum Coconut Rum Any Type of Rum. I just thought some more knowledgeable folks on her might know the answer to this off the tops of their heads. I found most of Foursquare rums boring with the exception of their Zinfandel Cask aging. I'm not saying that you want your rum as sweet as Coke, nor you necessarily want any sugar added to your rum at all. intense coloring might cover up hard to understand loucheing that would negatively impact consumer perception. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Your comment could not be posted. No, obviously not, there are bad rums with no added sugar and good rums with it and vice versa. Barbados lays most of the claims to having no added sugar, but only wound up with less than 30% in this list. magnus | 4 Cockspur 12 But is holding on. Posted by: Sourced from two of the most prestigious distilleries in the world. Justin | You were correct that the Zacapa 23 has reduced added sugar from 45 g/ltr to 20. On the palate, it’s clean and fresh—with notes of citrus zest, honeysuckle, and lemongrass. Other brands are either much higher (40 g/l) or quite low (5-9 g/l). 100% rum with no added sugar, coloring, or flavoring. 3 Mount Gay XO. 7 Hamilton Demerara 86 icon and then Ten To One Dark Rum A masterful blend of 8-year old aged Barbados and Dominican column still rums, combined with high ester Jamaican pot still rum, and Trinidadian rum. Clement 10 year from Martinique is a prime example of this, and rhum agricoles seem to be highly susceptible to this phenomenon. All you have to do is click the By law, Jamaican rum is not allowed to have sugar added, and the quality of Appleton Estate’s earthy rums show why it’s not needed. After a quick look through some of the lists, it seems to me that many of the zeroes on the lists are for rhums agricole. RL Seale 10 years July 20, 2019 at 03:26 PM. I hoped, you might probably have a more precise Information than the one from the known lists. What a coincidence, I was just talking to someone about this! Allegedly, specific bottlings of rum by brands including Plantation, Bacardi, Zacapa, and Angostura contain between 17-22 grams of sugar per liter. Many classic rum cocktails made with simple syrup are just as delicious sans sucre. 7 Angostura 7 Year one thing we could try is putting hydrometers in the bottles and seeing how far off the printed alcohol content they are then try to explain the gap which would be mostly due to sugar. I like a certain amount of deceit in my spirits, it is tradition. January 07, 2014 at 02:01 PM, Amusingly, the Finnish state liquor store is called "Alko". Long aging periods (or new innovative aging by Lost Spirits Distillery) has an impact on the density. Other brands are either much higher (40 g/l) or quite low (5-9 g/l). I am unable to get rums from Mauritius over here, but thanks for the tip. Mika Jansson | Last updated Nov 28, 2020. glycol (sweetner/"mouth feel"), caramel colors, occasionally salts(flavor enhancer), and non-cane sugars within GRAS so they don't have to be labeled. Beyond that, the liquid is just versatile: It’ll work well in any rum-based drink. For sure. 1, you can discover four rums with different amounts of added sugar. Holy Hell! Ok Paul, Mika Jansson | (Fortunately we have at least a handful of independent bottlers who offer more natural rums. I will let you count the other countries. I say they should be treated equally (required to be labeled or not required) because one is a visual trick to make people think spirits are … 8 Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican I'm hoping that these live up to what I've been reading. Thanks for the feedback, but I have probably already approached the maximum number of rums to try. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. So I am not for no longer drinking rums with added sugar, but request honesty about this. A masterful blend of 8-year-old Barbados, Dominican and Trinidadian column still rums individually aged in ex-Bourbon American oak casks, and combined with high ester unaged Jamaican pot still rum. Diplomatico. 4 Chairman's Reserve I do wonder, why is perfectly good rum made stupendously sweet by adding the sugar? 6 Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 January 08, 2014 at 02:48 PM. But yeah, the internet went ballistic over these reports of sugar in rum - and I think that's appropriate as I've never encountered a brand that admitted to it. January 08, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Posted by: It was disappointing. January 07, 2014 at 10:35 AM. so we can divide the gram measure by 1.587 to find the dissolved volume. some rums could take on acidity that needs contrasting via sugar to be enjoyable as an after dinner sipper. then on top of it all, there is the spirit's acidity that needs to be considered, but no one seems to really know a lot about the topic specific to rums because of their diversity. Tweets by @alcademics I've had the Prichard's Fine and like it but have not been able to acquire anything from Privateer as yet. But for these rums having what sounds like a lot of sugar added to them, it's not really a ton. Packing Booze: Airline Liquor Regulations, Science on How Spirits Change or Age in the Bottle, Rather than the Barrel, Percent Cloudiness in Top Frozen Block Ice, EU Regulations for Vermouth, Americanos, and Quinquinas. Foursquare goes without saying. With no added frills, sugar or spices, it’s an authentic rum that’s simultaneously smooth yet has a noticeable burn to it. Even in Paris, it is difficult to found. I don't see any of these sugar contents as a problem. This is only a preview. I also think highly of Flor de Cana 18 and Foursquare 2005. For any new rums, I always buy only one bottle. 7 Marlin & Barrel Bearing Amber This is because it was created by a panel of experts. RL Seale is out from the main distribution channels. Cheers. Both rums with and without added sugar can be enjoyable for me, depending what I want at that moment. Is the distilate so poor in quality that sugar and other "stuff" is really necessary? That varietal also happens to be my favorite from my wine drinking days, uniquely Californian. Posted by: Plantation have even offered rhyme and reason to their use of added sugar (in line with Cognac production) and went head to head with none other than Richard Seale of Foursquare Distillery in a couple of particularly interesting articles over at The Floating Rum Shack in June last year. Their expressions are excellent. I also agree that the Zinfandel cask Foursquare was my absolute favorite to this point. Just rhum !!!

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