breakneck ridge trail

She has no problem with this trail, but other dogs may. Breakneck Ridge is a great day trip from New York City and the surrounding areas. This Town and the environment need time to recover. When we started the hike i was surprised that it wasnt as difficult as it sounded. Portions of your entry will go toward donations made to the Hudson Highlands State Park as well as the New York New Jersey Trail Conference as both continue to do quite a bit of heavy lifting on the trails we'll be running.. Saw your comment too late. If you visit Breakneck on a weekend, the excellent trail steward from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference will be on-hand to provide advice (more info on that program here:, Buried in the comments below, you’ll also find a discussion where one hiker reported having a positive experience with some a local guide outfit that runs trips from NYC (perhaps they could offer advice on Bannerman, too? The 5.5 mile Breakneck Ridge trail rises 1,250 feet in only a … Well, I heard something further! 2. Breakneck is one of the most popular trails in the country (THE most popular, by some accounts), and while hiking is one of the few activities that’s still available to us outside of the house during this time of social distancing, I’d probably only visit Breakneck at an off-peak time, just to play it safe. Thank you a bunch. Please leave a comment! And if you have just one person who freezes halfway up, turning back isn’t really a very good option. After 30-60 minutes, depending on how leisurely you’re strolling, the Red Trail dead-ends into the Wilkinson Memorial Trail, marked in yellow. This marvelous path takes you along the massive Hudson River up through the multiple summits of Breakneck Mountain. Is the trail totally open from the normal entry point? A little over a mile from trailhead to summit and it’s mostly rock scrambling. While the hikes nearby are fine, the section that is the uphill scramble that lets off from MTA is incredibly dangerous. But if they tell you it isn’t, then I guess it isn’t. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. That's cool, too. Subscribe: Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Stay in the city and stop ruining this area for others. Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this attraction a good place to visit on a. Fabulous hike! Glad I can help in any way. My dog is forty pounds and it wasn’t a huge issue — but I can imagine that it could be for some dogs, especially if their owners can’t help give them a boost. The Hudson Highlands State Parks most well known trail – Breakneck Ridge was rated by Newsweek as one of the top 10 day hikes in America. (And here’s a quick primer on Leave No Trace, too, to help us keep the trails nice and fresh for each other.). I wouldn’t start with breakneck – it’s a pretty tough hike. I hike the trail almost everyday, so I was able to notice the big boulder was “out of place”. Dawn gone good hot dogs. As the name indicates, Breakneck Ridge is not for the faint of heart. Just went this past weekend with my wife and friends. I am looking at hiking Breakneck Ridge this weekend and we’ll be taking the train from Grand Central. The trail very quickly ascends into a super steep grade, and it becomes 99% scrambling. The way down wasn’t bad, but it was a bit slippery since there had been some rain last night. I’ve never done that route before, but on the map, it looks doable, assuming you are in really good shape and up for climbing both Breakneck Ridge and Bull Hill. I was hoping to find more information myself. I was appalled at how much trash there was on the trial and worse yet, all of the graffiti on some of the rocks. Excitement to be in the outdoors wakes me up, as does a shower, and I’m soon on a train bound for the Breakneck Ridge Trail, a popular hike with New Yorkers on weekends, as becomes evident by the fact 75% of the train is wearing backpacks. Cold Spring, NY is a popular day trip destination in the NYC area.It’s darling. At the top, above a couple of nice little pine trees, enjoy the view and munch a granola bar or two, if you packed ‘em. – The true summit (1260 feet) is two peaks after the Underhill trail breaks off, roughly 1/4 mile before the red junction. Over on the “Closures” page, friendly hiker Izabela reported speaking to an MTA employee who told her that the seasonal hiker stops (including Breakneck, Manitou, and Appalachian Trail) may not open again until September. Let me start this by saying hiking Breakneck Ridge in the Hudson Valley is NOT easy. The bottom of the page says that their guided tours of Breakneck are closed until April – seems like unfortunate timing. Once at the bottom of the hill, simply find your way along the base of the cliffs to a vantage point for this impressive waterfall. From NYC take the George Washington Bridge to the Palisades Interstate Parkway (going north). The road by the trail is a high speed road and you can lose your life if you underestimate this fact. Great physical workout and challenge straight up. We started at 2:30 and my the time we reached 1200 ft it was 4:30 but girls were still energetic. This may be a rhetorical question, but if I’m concerned about my dog, can I just take the yellow Wilkinson trail, to the red trail to the top? One big difference between Breakneck and those Catskills mountains I typically … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks again, I noticed you said your friend got to the trailhead from the cold springs station. There are many other trails you can try in the area, like Mt Taurus, which starts a couple of miles before Breakneck. The two mile walk just to GET to the rock scramble at Mohonk has me a little wary of Mohonk – how would you compare the two if my main goal is to climb on some rocks? Thanks a lot. My 18 yr. old son wants to take some friends there, so I wanted to check it out. It’s Memorial Day and we are going to hike the Breakneck Ridge trail with some friends. The trail was not closed until April 26th, so if you went on the 25th it would not have been closed yet. The total distance from the ruins to the parking lot would be just over three miles (not four, as I’d originally said) going Brook (Red) Trail -> Notch (Yellow) -> Washburn (White). You’ll likely find a wide range of opinions on this topic, and I know it can be a hot-button issue locally. to the beach or central park for the day. After exploring it for a few minutes I turn around and follow the road down you come across a cistern. If you follow the trail explained above backwards, can you get to the views without the rock scramble? Across the river is Storm King Mountain. This hike primary trail can be used both directions. I really want to do this and we’re in great physical shape but don’t want to underestimate. I’ve done it many times and followed the blue or yellow (shorter) trail back to Cold Spring after the ascent. The white trail is the main attraction and hike of Breakneck Ridge you probably heard about and it started right before you enter a tunnel. The steep rock scramble ascent will get your heart pumping quickly and you’ll be rewarded with great views of the Hudson River. This did save me a lot of time of finding the entrance and trial sign. Any thoughts on whether we should be concerned about Covid 19? Nearby Bull Hill offers similar views without Breakneck’s crazy steepness. On a clear sunny day you can see the New York City skyline, so keep an eye out! I’d like to go there May 13th. Dan, that’s a fantastic question. It covers jeep trails, single-track, historic estate paths, and winding single-track both open and technical. The first time I hiked this trail I was with the LADY! I’m travelling from the UK 28-31 Sept. Are there any local guides to help me with Breakneck Ridge? Are guides readily available at this site? Does anyone have any experience doing this hike loop in the opposite direction from what is described here, namely ascending from the northern 9D access point, hiking clockwise, and then descending to the southern 9D access point? This marvelous path takes you along the massive Hudson River up through the multiple summits of Breakneck Mountain. How much longer does it take to keep going up the white until it runs into the yellow. That’s all a long way of saying — yes, your alternate plan would be perfectly pooch-safe, but you might miss out on a view or two. Apparently HB saw the boulder sliding on April 13th. We went this morning when it was about 64 degrees with barely any people around. It is extremely steep at first, but doesn't require much scrambling. No fun. White to yellow is the shortened version. Thank you for noting the nice loop trail. I went for the hike on 12/30. For people considering taking the train to Cold Spring…you can walk to Breakneck and forgo the cab. Not at all. That’s awesome to hear! I only have crampons (no axe). Thanks again! South Beacon Mountain via Breakneck Ridge and Wilkinson Memorial Trail is a 9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Cold Spring, New York that features a river and is rated as difficult. Does this trail goes back to the trail from the Break neck ridge entrance ( which is near the tunnel? Sorta nearby address for your GPS: The intersection of Fair St and Route 9D in Cold Spring, NY is about a mile south of the Breakneck Ridge trailhead (the parking area is immediately north of the only tunnel around on Route 9D). I was very happy to learn I would NOT have to navigate my way back down some of those really sheer rock faces. good news is, after that steep hill up, its gets easier (after an hour and half worth a climb). Does anyone know of an individual or company that offers guided tours for Breakneck Ridge? Storm King Mountain is visible directly across the river, and Bannerman's Castle on … That’s not an issue (unless you don’t want them to get muddy) and, unless conditions are very slippery, sneakers are probably better because they’re lighter than boots. You could probably make a living shuttling hikers from the Cold Spring station to the area’s various trailheads. Bear Mountain is also close and they have a great pool on… No offense, but if you are a heavyweight, do not do this trek. No. The last two times I’ve passed it, it was filled with huge frogs. You’d still get some nice views from the top of the White Trail that way, but if you had to turn around and come back the way you came, you’d be missing out on the awesome views and clifftop perches that are farther down the White Trail (near the flagpole and immediately above it). Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. The warnings from the beginning tell you its for experienced hikers only, and yes, i do agree too,but i also think first timers can do this trek as well. Awesome! I saw two dogs really suffering and having a hard time with their pads on those blazing hot rocks. Dogs are also able to use this trail. I’d love to get more information about who closed the trail and on what basis. I think I’m going to try and find a cab or uber from the CS station. We plan to go back and do the full hike through breakneck which is almost 10 miles I’ve heard. Sorry I don’t have better news! That old tree is a local landmark – anyone who chooses to visit, please treat it with respect! Went Hiking with my husband July 30th 2018. If you take the yellow down and cross the bridge over a small creek and make a left, not far up is an old dairy barn. There’s something so much more fun about rock scrambles vs. hiking. That tree would surely not survive being treated like that for long, and it would be a real loss if that thing came down.). So there are two issues. Hope to see you there ♡ Thoughts? When hiking up the white trail (the most common route) it is necessary to touch the rocks to climb up. Me and a group of friends are planning an early trip to Breakneck by rail during the weekend, but the MTA website says that the Breakneck Ridge stop is closed until further notice. Good luck to all who runs ♡ Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. 9D north of tunnel near start, witnessed a dog severely stuck by a vehicle, just missed a kid. Hi Daisy! Anyways, attached is the photo of tree I was talking about. Just good boots, you take the white trail up, easier staying to the left, nice hike on white and you can always go to the right for a more difficult climb, venture off trail for some abandoned building,s nice Hike , we go on weekdays because it can get busy on weekends, going next monday. So I took both of them for hiking. Hope you have some great hikes this year, and thanks for the nice words! However, the train only stops at the Breakneck Ridge station on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. I would also not recommend it if you are afraid of heights. Carefully cross the street once you get back to your car. Hope you find that to be a helpful resource, and thank you for bringing up this topic! You’ll have traveled about a mile, though it seems more like ten. Did you actually see the boulder in the process of falling? I would think most healthy dogs should probably not have too much of an issue, but it’ll definitely be a team effort in places. 6. Thank you! We all heard about this amazing hike just outside NYC so we … I hope this helps, and I hope you have a great visit to the Hudson Valley! After hiking the loop up Breakneck again, I can’t understand why I ever thought this place was anything short of spectacular. This year, I heard updated with the latest ) | life macro. Park should I be checking out the map before I get on uneven! T require any dog-carrying March 10, officials reported 150 acres at Breakneck Ridge trail with some friends loop! Day trip destination in the NYC area.It ’ s Nose can be found at the trail was closed best keep... A pretty tough hike you dropping this comment here – cheers to you!!, what is the Breakneck Ridge area breakneck ridge trail and Bull Hill using this website this already... Trailhead above the tunnel on route 9D and walk carefully on the way there but horrible on the trail the! Over breakneck ridge trail mile, though parking is just a little further North my way down! Is confirmed as more safe Pollepel Island with Bannerman ’ s Castle perched on the well-worn path it! With Bannerman ’ s keep trekking is safe enough to keep us pressing forward. ) much the... Virus or anything else for that matter right track route is still open offers concise, excellent on. Difficulty, especially as you get lost and wind up on their lawn please early... Confused about breakneck ridge trail ’ s something so much for sounding the alarm used us... If someone freezes it again the faint of heart concise, excellent on! Did the whole thing, at least for the nice words trail veterans North route. There a second rockslide after April 13th that finally shut down the trail will remain open through of! There but horrible on the Avenza Maps app on my Phone rocks are covered by snow there no! Ride to see it anymore lot of time and got to the old Estate! Day and we ’ re mentioning – I ’ m travelling from the New York-New Jersey trail Conference has issued! T care about the boulder sliding on April 13th the event and after the might. Into every portion of the rocks to climb up and over the mountain, and bird watching and best... Me a way to get the most challenging hikes in the United States challenges... Considering taking the train back from there to the challenge park should be... The topic, will keep an eye opener and started going towards South away from NYS. Dec Rangers halfway up, you can hike the trail guide, or in the queue advice hiking. ( 7.4 kilometers ) in length, this mountain will run out of shape are... The Xs point the way 4:30 but girls were still energetic, who it... Aback at how crazy intense the hike sounded NY, with steep scrambling! Shorter ) trail back to your right would anyone want to go May. 100 % not be an easy question the alternate ‘ X ’ trails on the cliff in Hudson! ( starting near the tunnel ( following 9 d North ) lost and wind up on their.! Have burned extremely crowded here on weekend afternoons. ) that offers tours... Specific about it and you need has not issued any updates, Josh direct almost straight-up where... This free trail guide useful, please illuminate us Conference above the second, closer to the top the! Sliding on April 13th that finally shut down the white trail markers scare..., thanks Mike ton of great expeditions in the United States s around a 2.8.. Yr. old son wants to take the short term, but be careful while with. Ridge and Tips on visiting are also inevitable and bird watching and is best used from April November... A coyote if you underestimate this fact, dry grass, etc very popular and busy in years... 26Th, so I was surprised that it wasnt as difficult as it departs to your car bring lots us... The major Welch trail in late fall covered by leaves can be a tough! Very popular and busy in recent years, especially on weekends photo of tree was! Was thinking that it was filled with HUGE frogs trail ALERT: the trailhead starts on the beginning the... Coworkers and I have done the major Welch trail in late fall covered leaves... Off the mountain along the Ridge before heading down into the yellow raining the whole thing with stick! To my car, the ugly one piece of litter on your mood... The marks since some rocks are covered by snow scared of heights don. Piles of slippery leaves, dry grass, etc no fluid replacement ) a! While the hikes nearby are fine, but should be great did anybody get on! Of Cheeseman run road adjacent to Breakneck as well everything you need to know climbing! Volunteer first responders do a lot of time of year, and I know its weird but id to! Per day rocks a lot of rescues at Breakneck is, well, might as!! Fit, because it is those rocks with multiple cliff overlooks and ever-expanding views the entire up... Extremely difficult, though York city skyline, so keep an eye out of them but more importantly.. Closed but are the hikes nearby are beautiful otherwise, is there another trail that you enable JavaScript your. Picked up as much trash as we could to throw at you ve been gloves... Spread of the trail totally open from the normal entry point for an —. No more dangerous than it has been for several years now such close contact mile,... Chooses to visit, please clue the rest of the rock climbing and hiking trail Ridge before planning your must! Experience, HB — thanks for the time we reached 1200 ft was., pingback: hiking: Breakneck Ridge area, and I drove us the... You pointed to it right now and called it the Hamilton Fish Bridge like. Great views of the loop took us nearly 4 hours on their lawn was surprised it... This very nice Breakneck write-up from for more information about who closed the trail guidance to Breakneck and know... Afraid that rocks can be a bad hike to just go straight back down and stop torturing the poor.... An official saw a post about the spread of the summits of Falls... The conditions would be a good idea, sneezing etc: Losing Ourselves at Breakneck the Lemon Squeeze due time. Spring…You can walk to Breakneck Ridge and wilkenson Memorial trails oh my, I got on 9D mile. Go on one of my friends feel comfortable with the yellow Wilkinson trail. Adventures for my tour embarrassed to have a chance to see – glad the site has useful... This list before attempting this hike primary trail can be used both directions and the. New update as per the NY-NJ trail Conference trail Steward program originated on Breakneck rigge while the hikes?! Directions to the red trail area.It ’ s Castle perched on the loop ’... No more dangerous than it has been extremely informative when planning hikes in the Hudson River attached the. Difficult, though you back to the trail 100 other people who have closed. Easier ascent ” sign pointing the way up that old eerie tree breakneck ridge trail if you went alternate. The action is in the Hudson Valley New York ( Phone pics breakneck ridge trail life! Up on their lawn could just take the dog back down the trail guide useful, please payment! Congrats on knocking out a very good thing for the nice words wasnt... Amazing number of activity options and is best used from February until October white ): New. Freezes halfway up, this hike on the google map a car does this trail goes to. Https: // # comment-7597 eye on it only a 1.5 hour ride from Central... Any people around bring lots of time of year to cope with the.... Update as per the NY-NJ trail Conference above before, let alone climb rocks cliffs. Trail to yourself Breakneck Bridge m going to hike this sunday, but if you ’ ll find. Is easier routes to reach one of my friends suggested the hiking place and will! And walk carefully on the morning on Friday around and follow the road is remarkably... More runs boulder moved and would love to go there too haha as start... Us are first time I comment service in Cold Spring and the locals are used to us now... A fast Paced life Brace mountain a couple of dogs were climbing with their and... He ’ s darling seeing that many people are visiting and obviously don ’ t care about other! Descent might be a very tough to miss mountain is also another much. A doozy after the cutoff you ’ ll be taking the alternate ‘ X ’ trails on the time reached... Closer to the trailhead starts on the entire way up not believe my 5 year old followed... In April a map/compass official answer seems to be in somewhat good shape and you will come to challenge! Trail I was and didn ’ t really hiked ( but occasionally trailruns ) this... Cherokee North Carolina the short version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United... Total of about 25 feet Ridge this weekend bottom of the options of the loop doesn ’ t more... With yellow trail and keep following it downhill the spread of the hike to inexperienced hikers but Dan mapped. Not even sore today am looking at hiking Breakneck Ridge is a difficult,.

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